Scuola di Diritto Avanzato
Advanced Law School
4th Congress On Predictive Justice:
the AI on ChatGpt, GiuriMatrix, GoogleBard
February 23, 2024
official language: English
Panel 3: The impact of artificial intelligence on the international judicial system Time: 17:17 – 18:45 CET Introduces: Rosanna MARZOCCA (Lawyer, ITALY, Vice President of the European Lawyers’ Union) Moderators: Claudia MORELLI (Journalist) Speakers:  Julie CHAMPMAN (Lawyer, CANADA, Vice President & Head of Legal, North America, LEXISNEXIS)  Laurent CHETCUTI (Lawyer, FRANCE, KPMG Avocats)  Agustin CRUZ (Lawyer, SPAIN, UHY FAY & CO, Honorary President of the European Lawyers’ Union)  Nicole HIRST (Lawyer, UK, BUCKLES LLP, Secretary General of the European Lawyers’ Union)  Ian Grant MITCHELL (Lawyer, UK, TANFIELD CHAMBERS, Chair of the Scottish Society for Computers and Law, member of the CCBE IT Law Committee)  Laura STANILA (Lawyer, Professor at Timisoara University, ROMANIA)  Adrian WAGNER (Lawyer, GERMANY, DOLCE LAUDA)  Federica FEDERICI (Lawyer, ITALY, President’s Nuove Frontiere del Diritto) Conclusions: Giuseppe BUFFONE (Judge, Italian Representative to the European Union)
Online: Youtube
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